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Back in the saddle and ready to ride!!

Well what an interesting year it has been. Thankfully we made it thru the very long Winter.  We have been somewhat busy, with Parties. treks and lessons and the team at Wild Oats has loved every minute.

We kept our heads down a little after all the diatribe we incurred with Nelson Snippets but we knew the truth would out and so it did, thanks to all of you who supported us. There was six thousand supporters so Thankyou.

There has been so many people who write such lovely reviews about us but you know, it is not us alone, we do what we do because of all you.

So we are getting ready for the School Holidays, so gear up and let us take you for a ride.


Oh and Unicorns of course!

A peacock called Winston just to name a few!!

Maybe that dream of  a ride on the beach.

Oh and our new member to the Wild Oats Family Talulah Puggly

Some parties and Treks


or maybe the Holiday Programme


And finally, little old me as  a young tacker. Living the dream of fast and high!!

Thankyou all again. We are ready to ride are you?

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