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Risk Awareness

All animals including horses can be unpredictable at times. We try to provide the highest of care to minimise risks, however situations can happen outside of our control which can result in serious injury. Whilst we take every bit of care to ensure a high level of safety whilst customers are around or riding horses. There is always a risk whilst taking part and horses and animals can be unpredictable which can result in serious injury or death. We ask that customers and parents and/or guardians have read and understand the safety, risk awareness and terms & conditions before carrying out any Trek, Lesson, Holiday program or any other activity at Wild Oats Farm. Horses and horse riding is a hazardous sport and as a result, riders and all other persons involved must be aware of the associated risks. Whilst we take every care to minimise such risks, customers need to be aware that accidents can occur outside of our control and can result in serious injury or death.

Who should NOT ride a Horse

Physical Limitations:
For example, if someone has a physical disability that affects balance or mobility.

Ongoing/Past Major Injuries:
For example, spinal injuries that affects balance or mobility.

We highly recommend avoiding horse riding while pregnant. We will not allow anyone pregnant to ride.

Our weight limit to ride is a maximum of 105KG.

Fear of Horses:
Some people may be afraid of horses or may have had a negative experience with them in the past, which can make the horse feel uneasy.

If someone doesn't follow instructions and intentionally does something that they should not do. That person should not ride nor go anywhere near horses.




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Our Policies and Procedures

Wild Oats Farm, has processes and procedures in place to minimise risk and to identify potential hazards and remove them.

It is our policy to run an Induction with all workers or volunteers before they engage in any activities.

The induction includes the following:

  1. An orientation of the farm takes place and areas that are out of bounds communicated and shown – this is a formal walk around the property to introduce them to the processes and rules we have around the farm to keep them safe including showing them where the first aid kits are around the property. After the orientation, we give them a handout with the policy, procedures and rules we have set so they can go over it again to refresh their memory. They sign a document to agree that they have been shown around the farm and given a briefing around health and safety and how to keep themselves safe, identify hazards and what to do should any of the hazards and what to do in the unlikely event of an emergency. Once they have understood and we are satisfied they have understood both the woofer, volunteer and farm owner sign that the induction has taken place and date it. (If English is a problem, we suggest they read this document online and use a translator application on their mobile or computer to assist in understanding).
  2. For our customers we have them sign a waiver prior to entering the farm to acknowledge that while we do our best to eliminate risks accidents can happen due to the unpredictability of animals.
  3. We advise that all customers, volunteers and woofers they must wear closed footwear when entering the farm.
  4. Trek tracks are checked prior to taking anyone on a trek to identify and remove any potential hazards or isolate the hazard and go on a different route that has been assessed.
  5. We do a safety briefing before anyone rides any of the horses this includes:
  • Advising that no one is granted access to gated and/or chained areas.
  • No one is to drink water from the farm grounds or on treks only use the bottled water you have brought or water that has been deemed safe by the host.
  • Helmets MUST be worn and a check is done to ensure they are properly fitted and secure.
  • Animal safety talk – no walking behind horses.
  • Complete a riding assessment.
  • Check and double check tack is on the horse or pony securely and comfortably.
  • Washing hands with soap and drying them after handling any of the animals.
  • Guidelines explained if there is an emergency and where the assembly area is on the farm.
  1. Anyone driving our Utes on the farm must have:
  • The equivalent of a NZ driver’s license.
  • ALWAYS wear seatbelts.
  • Drive at a speed no greater than 15km/hr on driveways and signed speed limit on public roads.
    1. Nobody is left unsupervised.
    2. Workers and volunteers are not left unsupervised.
    3. All animals are health checked regularly.
    4. Specific horse health program maintained.
    5. Stock work only completed by the farm owners and never unsupervised.
    6. Only farm owners are to use the quad bikes and use helmets.
    7. Any farm machinery used is done so with the appropriate safety wear and gear.
    8. No person working or visiting must be under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol whilst working or visiting, if they are found to be under the influence they will be stood down for any further duties that day or possibly the remainder of their stay and visitors found to be under the influence would be asked politely to leave.

Bullying and/or Harassment Policy:
Anyone at Wild Oats Farm seen to be harassing or bullying may potentially be removed from the farm and may be stood down for any further duties that day or possibly the remainder of their stay.

Vehicle Movement Policy
All road rules apply to all vehicles while operating on Wild Oats Farm. The nature of the site dictates there will be vehicles moving within the area during operational hours. All vehicle movement is kept to a minimum and mitigated by:

      • Where possible resupply and other logistical vehicles are restricted to operating prior to 0700hrs each day.
      • All work vehicles must activate hazard lights at all times and restrict speed to no more that 10kms.
      • All drivers of ANY vehicle must hold the appropriate licenses/endorsements to operate the vehicle.
      • Parking for visitors is available and be restricted to a speed no more than 10kms.
      • Any driver seen to behave contrary to this policy, to operate while under the influence of alcohol, or driving in a dangerous manner or generally operate in an unsafe manner will mean the offending driver told to leave the farm.

Stable Management Policy:
Strictly no smoking or naked flames are permitted within 20 metres of any enclosed stable building.
Signage must be put in place advising of this policy.
Each block of stables will have a fire extinguisher on hand should a fire break out.

New Hazards Policy:
Any new hazard identified will be reported by way of completing a hazard identification form and actioned as appropriately. The action taken will be recorded.

Accident & Injury Reporting Policy:
All accidents and injuries must be reported and notified to the host(s) who will provide guidance of how to deal with the issue.
All incidents, including near misses, will be recorded, investigated and reported as per statutory requirements. Accident and Incident Reporting forms are included in the appendices.

Identify The Controls

Identify and select controls to treat risks.

  • ISOLATE/AVOID (avoid a location, isolate the source with barriers etc).
  • MINIMISE/REDUCE (restrict certain activities – identify minimum skills).
  • TRANSFER/SHARE (get insurance, engage a specialist).
  • ACCEPT/RETAIN (acknowledge the risk is part of the work and or event and manage it the best way possible).

Terms and conditions

All bookings, sessions and activities are accepted on the understanding that all clients, guests, visitors and workers respect and accept the possible risks that inherent around horses and that they attend any bookings and/or activities at their own risk. A safety induction will be provided before any activity and must be attended by all adults and children, no activity will begin without a safety induction beforehand. It is important that clients realise that they are responsible for making themselves aware of the risks involved and are responsible for making their own decisions accordingly. There is a weight limit for riding at 105kg maximum. Clients cannot smoke or vape on or near the property. I have read the above notice carefully and acknowledge receipt of a copy thereof. Clients agree to accept the authority and decisions of the operator’s employees, tour leaders and agents whilst on the activity. We care for and know our animals really well and we place a high importance on animal and rider welfare. If in the opinion of such a person the health of a client or animal at any time before or after departure appears likely to endanger the safe, comfortable or happy progress of the ride, the client may be excluded from all or part of the ride. All children under the age of 16 will be lead/supervised at all times. All adult riders will be riding without a person leading/supervising their horse. Should any person feel they want to be lead please ask. All treks will be carried out at walk. For experienced riders and following assessment by the guide, if it is felt a rider is capable of trot or canter on their horse, it will be conducted in the designated areas on the trek and upon agreement of both guide and rider. Spontaneous trotting/cantering by riders can cause risk to themselves and other riders. Following an induction given to all riders in regards to controlling their horse an assessment will be made by the guide prior to the onset of any trek, to evaluate the ability of all riders. Lead/supervision will be given to any rider who is seen to be needing supervision and clients agree to accept the final decision made by the guide or the ride will be terminated and full payment taken. Riders under the age of 16 who claim to have riding experience will be assessed prior to trekking. Only then will a decision by the guide be made as to the child being unsupervised on the trek. If decided by the guide that a child can trek unled/without supervision parental consent will be sort. The guide will always reassess any client during the ride and give supervision/lead if required for safety reason. No changing of horses/ponies whilst trekking without the consent and supervision of the guide. Adults must prove they are experienced and confident enough to ride before the trek begins. This is to be done safely in the arena with the Wild Oats Farm team supervision and guidance. If the rider is not experienced enough or shows they cannot ride without a lead for any reason the team has every right to ask the rider to walk or not attend the activity, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the customer and horse. By signing this disclaimer you consent that the contents contained within will continue to be applied to all future Parties, Treks, Holiday Programs, Lessons or other events that you attend at Wild Oats Farms either on the premises or off site. There is no need for you to complete a further disclaimer for each subsequent visit, however you may do so if you wish. You must inform us immediately should your circumstances, physical and/or medical condition change at any point after signing this disclaimer which may impact your ability to ride or be around the animals. Wild Oats Farm and its staff/volunteers accept no responsibility should an accident occur as a result of a change in your circumstances of your physical and/or medical condition and you fail to inform us.

Waiver of Liability

Wild Oats Farm endeavours to minimise risks to health and safety, so far as reasonably practicable when around all animals and whist taking part in any of the activities.
These activities include. Petting area, parties, feeding and grooming, trekking, horse riding lessons, holiday and therapeutic programs and any visitor/customer that enters onto the property. This list is not in its entirety.
We ask that all our customers/visitors, understand and acknowledge that any animal can be unpredictable and this can be outside of our health and safety control.
Customers/visitors need to make themselves aware of the risks when interacting with any of the animals and it is accepted by visitors/customers that any interaction with the animals may cause serious injury.
It is the responsibility of all visitors/customers, parents/guardians for children under the age of 16 years of age, to have read and understood the terms and conditions upon entry to Wild Oats Farm and recognise that due to the unpredictable nature of animals and the environment, accidents can happen outside of our control, resulting in serious injury or fatality.


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