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Thankyou and Goodbye.


Whilst i can see from the pictures i have taken today with my vet that the Pony is light but is being hard fed and rugged.

However the image on Nelson Snippets suggests a very different story.

I can assure all, that all my animals have  been very well cared for with feed at all times and rugs now it is getting colder. The older ponies need more attention and sadly sometimes age can make keeping weight on very difficult. Although in all my years of operation  i am thanful i have never experienced a day like today.

I am not making any excuses, as it seems the one piece of evidence is out on Nelson Snippets,  we have had a hard Summer and i have added extra feed to those horses who are light at the moment. I have no idea from looking at the image on Nelson Snippets how i missed such a extreme condition and so my horsemanship has let me down.

I am very sorry for any distress that these images have caused and that my horsemanship in this case has not been good enough.

This in itself is not good enough and it seems from the comments made and the image on Nelson Snippets cleary denotes i have made a huge mistake in the welfare of this pony.

The pony has been retired.


Whilst the Vet and the SPCA feel confident with the care of my animals. I have decided to close Wild Oats Farm as i found the experience today very upsetting.

The many many comments posted have been extremely damaging and i can not find a way forward from this. I have contacted the police but it seems there is nothing they can do

I will of course honour all bookings made.



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