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Thankyou for the support.

As you may know i have been hit quite hard by Nelson Snippets, i have been told that there are some posts on the Wild Oats Farm site that are Negative towards this lady and also someone has identified her. I have been asked if these comments are taken down then the Snippets Post will be removed.

Firstly. In response, whilst i so very much appreciate all of your lovely support, i do not want Wild Oats to be tainted with the same approach  as Nelson Snippets. So please do not be negative or personnel towards this lady.  Whilst i am not happy with the image shown i take responsibility of ownership. I have not hidden and Wild Oats and who we are is always very visible at any event.

I hope many of you, may now have seen my picture of the same pony taken yesterday, like i said, a picture can tell many different stories. The Vet was very happy on his inspection, yes the pony is light and i am working and have been on this due to an ulcer and the hard summer.  The SPCA, who as some of you may know, i had invited to inspect were also happy with the vets inspection.

Secondly. I have said that i do not care if the post is taken down or not….the damage or not has been done and i think when someone talks about their identity i think you will see there is my website picture and “here is the Culprit”. I have been called a Wigger and more.

I would like to say to those peoples comments on Snippets, who reacted with no facts. It is not just me you have attacked, my team, my daughter who is off school and possibly won’t attend  a riding event as i do not want her to be exposed any further , the lady who rang me last night who was in tears and her child as this was there pony many years ago, the list goes on.

So i am sorry for the lady at Nelson Snippets we are adults, i have nothing to hide but these are these are children who have been affected.

However i will say it again identifying animal cruelty is always a positive. Just perhaps gain facts and go down the correct channnels.

Some of the gang young and old having breakfast today.

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