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Update on Cloud

Firstly thankyou to everyone who has supported my wee girl. It really does blow us away.

A long night last night as her breathing was not good and we were worried of the onset of phenomena from any aspiration. So along with her pain relief, several friends made suggestions.

Stu Dolimore said give her a beer, honey and Vics ( you really can not ignore advice from these people who have been around horses forever)  Eve Hawes said use an inhaler and Lucy Lithgow who gave me a electrolyte recipe along with many more . We did it all and I did smile, thinking Cloud is now drunk and high on drugs.

I guess that is why we see Unicorns!!

However whilst watching her thru the night, she started to show signs of improvement.

Whilst making up the feed for the horses she called out to me this morning and so I made her a nice but small mash of feed which she nibbled and nudged.

So more pain relief and lots of coughs from her, which is a good thing, she clearly wanted another feed. later in the day. So another handful of mash and she has eaten that and so far so good.

I hope we have turned a corner.

Again a very big thankyou. Sitting with a pony a 3am and reading all the lovely comments means so much.


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