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What A DAY!!!!!


The past 7 days have been rough ( beyond), I have stood firm with all the negitive press that have attacked my animals, my family, and most of all the children and whanau of Wild Oats Farm.

We have never been about money, or buisness, we have been about taking on animals that dont fit into the bracket of normal society or who are old, finished, or done.

THIS is why, children love the essence of Wild Oats Farm.

This week I have been to hell and back through socail media, and I have never removed myself as ownership of a picture of a horse that belongs to the  family of Wild Oats Farm that was posted, I have always been Accountable!

Heine has been cleared by our local vet and SPCA, and she will never ( Dog tucker) she is part of my family, i have had previous owners contact me extremely upset with these pictures

and have always stood fim and will continue to do so ………

That picture was inaccurate, but i have contined to stand agaisnt socail media and have invited people to join me in this discussion.

I would also like to thank the thousands of people from all over the country of New Zealand and the world that have supported Wild Oats Farm. I am slowly working through all your messages to reply to you personally .

And I thank you all.

This has been a detirmental time for me and the team, and again I Thank you.

We have a huge press confrence tomorrow to fight against cyber bulling, we welcome you to Wild Oats Farm at 9.30am Tuesday 14th May 2019,  to stand behind me kirsty laich and Heine to put a stop to this .

Nelson Snippets, who repersented a photogragh as fact with no history, I feel they should have done their resarch as I  did, having contacted Town And Country vet and the SPCA, with a full report in the good health of my animals.

I think i have learnt a new words, which is Trolls and Key board warriors that bombard people from a picture, with no evendence .

I have stood firm and (also taken ownership from the on set) and I  have a great belief in all that I do, whilst I believe Nelson Snippets has a place to inform people, they also have to respect when placing public reports that ( the need to gather factual evidence ) I agree with, there will be areas of this work, that are difficult, ie. animal cruiety, it is my ask having been on the back of this responding, that I ask people to gather fact before posting.

I have nothing to hide,

i thank you all, for your support, phone calls, emails, messages, flowers, gifts

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